Thermic coating by Profiline

The coating of profile decorations consists in placing a decoration on flat surfaces such as PVC, aluminium etc.

As expert with years of experience in that field we are also specialized in the decoration of 3D parts and profiles which are not flat.

In order to satisfy its customers Profiline has developed a specific technology for decorating 3D parts using a thermic coating process. This process involves gluing PVC or PVC/PMMA film which can be applied on a large number of complex shapes. Possible applications are unlimited which applies both to the final use of the product or the main component of the part [(PVC, ABS, aluminium, zamak, MDF….)

This technique offers the possibility of decorating the accessories of your woodworks [(trunk cheek, closing cap, nozzle etc.). Owing to the fact that we are able to use the same PVC-PMMA film that you have on your profile we can offer our customers a final product that id perfectly homogeneous and esthetical. )