Coating of PVC with PVC films, PVC/PMMA, wood veneer

The foliation of PVC profiles involves decorating the visible surface in order to give a higher value to the final product.

The decoration of PVC profiles can be carried out with many types of profiles.

  • Main profiles and accessories for windows
  • Profiles for entrance doors
  • Cofferdams, railings and slides for rolling shutters
  • End profiles and portals
  • Window sills
  • Panels and facade elements made of PVC
  • Other facade profiles
  • Filling materials
  • Profiles for floor accessories
  • Electrical lines
  • Angle profiles
  • Doorframe profiles
  • Garage door profiles
  • Crosspieces for double glazing
  • Angle irons
  • Round or rectangular tubings
  • Special profiles made of plastic